You’re Famous, Edgy Phillip Parsnip!

Hey, Edgy Phillip Parsnip! You made your own Adventure Time A-Z! That’s why we’re making you FAMOUS! Congratulations! You’re Cartoon Network’s user of the week.


We made an Adventure Time A-Z, and so did Edgy Phillip Parsnip! What an awesome list!

“A, Abracadaniel. B for Bufo. C for Chet, D for Donny, E for Ed(the spider), F for Fruit Witches, G for Goliad, H for Hot Dog Knights, I for Iceclops, J for Jake’s dad Joshua, K for Kompy’s Castle, L for Lemon Hope, M for Manfreid, O for Old Man Henchman, P for “Pancake, Pancake, Pancake”, Q for Quilton, R for Red-faced Monster, S for the Scorcher or Shelby!, T for Tree Trunks, U for “Unacceptable!”, V for Viola, W is for Wall of Flesh, X for Xergiok, Y is for Young Ice King, and Z is for Zanoits. Oh the memories…”

Get to know Phillip. Check out Edgy Phillip Parsnip’s profile now.

It’s a good thing the Ice King is immune to ice beams! Take down spiders and Goo Skulls in Edgy Phillip Parsnip’s 5-star Adventure Time Game Creator game Beatdown Frozen King!!


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