[AD] You’re Famous, Colonel Aaron Warthog!

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Hey, Colonel Aaron Warthog! This is YOUR week! That’s right, we’re making you FAMOUS! Congratulations! You’re Cartoon Network’s user of the week.


Not only has Colonel Aaron Warthog ranked up to level 18, he’s also been posting in the blog like crazy! He reeeaally wanted to be famous, and he reeeaally deserves it! We salute you, Colonel! Check out Colonel Aaron Warthog’s profile now.

He may be pure evil, but Gunter’s the hero in this game! Help the Ice King’s right hand penguin zap skeletons, leap over molten lava, and dodge homing bats in Aaron’s Game Creator game Rush Power Sword!!


Are Jake’s stretchy powers enough to take down the Ice King’s frosty magic? Find out in Aaron’s MiXiT video Funniest Rumble Mission. Nice work, Aaron! McDonald’s ® Happy Meals ® says ‘way to go’!

[cncvp video_id=”8a250ab04128b56501415a90e20f048f”]

Wanna be famous? Post comments in Cool & New, build a game in the Adventure Time Game Creator, or make an outstanding MiXiT. Do something awesome, and you might just be famous next week!

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