WHAT’S UP: Ben 10 Returns!

Here’s what’s up this week! Ben 10 Omniverse is back with new episodes and a new game collection! And Cartoon Network is New @ 7!
This time YOU’RE the hero! We’ve picked 10 Game Creator games made by Cartoon Network users and turned them into the Omniverse Collection. Can you beat all 10 games featuring Feedback, Rook, Bloxx, Gravattack, and Kickin’ Hawk? Play Now

Ben10 Omniverse

Can’t wait for Hero Time? Catch a sneak peek of the new season of Ben 10 Omniverse this Thursday, October 3, at 8/7c! And don’t miss the alien action on Saturday mornings at 9:30/8:30c!


Adventure Time, Total Drama All-Stars, Johnny Test, Legends of Chima, Uncle Grandpa! Every night of the week is premiere night! Check out brand-new episodes of your favorite shows starting at 7/6c every night!

******PLAY! The best from Adventure Time Game Creator this week!





******CHAT! Join in on the discussion in the Forums!

Legends of Chima: What will happen if Laval’s Dad dies?
Dreamworks’ Dragons: What would you do if one day you woke up in Berk?
Ben 10: What would you do if you owned an omnitrix?
Annoying Orange: Do Passion and Orange make a good couple? Should they be dating?

******WATCH! New Episodes This Week
Monday: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa
Tuesday: Johnny Test, Teen Titans Go!
Wednesday: Annoying Orange, The Amazing World of Gumball, Legends of Chima
Saturday: Beyblade, Pokemon, Beware the Batman. Ben 10 Omniverse

And that’s WHAT’S UP!

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