You’re Famous, Blue Mark Popcorn!

Hey Blue Mark Popcorn! You’re the life of the party. That’s why we’re making you FAMOUS! Congratulations! You’re Cartoon Network’s user of the week.

You’ll find Blue Mark Popcorn all over the forums: he has commented on everything from Legends of Chima to Dreamworks Dragons to Steven Universe, and he always has something good to say! Get to know Blue Mark Popcorn and view his profile now!


Can the Ice King handle this horde of monsters? We’ll give you a hint: sneak up on them! Play Ice Kingdom Quest on Adventure Time Game Creator!


Are you invited to the party? Jake’s Countdown Party, of course! Ain’t no party like an Adventure Time party, so watch Blue Mark Popcorn’s MixIt now!

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Wanna be famous?
Post comments in Cool & New, build a game in the Adventure Time Game Creator, or make an outstanding MiXiT. Do something awesome, and you might just be famous next week!

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