WHAT’S UP: Holiday Scares

Here’s what’s up this week! Uncle Grandpa faces no-good snow goons! And Flicksmas keeps on giving!

When a magical wish goes wrong, a kid’s snowmen become evil snow monsters! It’s up to Uncle Grandpa to save Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger from an army of frozen freaks. Let the snowballs fly in Up to Snow Good! Play Now


Give yourself the gift of movies! Flicksmas continues with awesome movies all week long at 5/4c! And don’t miss Shrek this Saturday at 7/6c!

******PLAY! The best from Adventure Time Game Creator this week!




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Teen Titans Go!: How did Beast Boy get his powers?
Adventure Time: Is Finn the only human?
Steven Universe: How does Garnet hold things?

And that’s WHAT’S UP!

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