WHAT’S UP: The Powerpuff Girls Return!

Here’s what’s up this week! The Powerpuff Girls are back with a stylish, new special! The Ninja have a dangerous, new enemy! And Finn has a fancy, new sword!

We just can’t get enough Powerpuff! Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup return for a new spin on the original formula. Don’t miss the all-new Powerpuff Girls special “Dance Pantsed.” Watch the world premiere special event TONIGHT, January 20, at 7:30/6:30c.

Sensei Wu was ambushed by the Overlord’s Nindroid army! It’s up to the Ninja to rescue him from Borg Tower. Swap between Kai, Zane, Cole, and Jay to battle ninja robots across three huge worlds. Use Techno Blades and special abilities to save Ninjago from the Rise of the Nindroids. Play Now

Celebrate Finn’s sweet sword-fighting skills and collection of awesome blades! Watch the Adventure Time Sword Marathon this Sunday, January 26, starting at 2/1c
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Powerpuff Girls: Which Powerpuff Girl is most like you?
Ninjago: Which of the Four Paths of Spinjitzu would you choose?

******WATCH! New Episodes This Week
Monday: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Annoying Orange
Tuesday: Uncle Grandpa
Wednesday: Johnny Test, Teen Titans Go!, DreamWorks’ Dragons: Defenders of Berk
Saturday: Tenkai Knights, Beyblade: Shogun, Pokemon XY, Beyraiderz

And that’s WHAT’S UP!

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