WHAT’S UP: Titans and Ninjas Go!

Here’s what’s up this week! Robin and Beast Boy teach the H.I.V.E. a lesson! The Ninja face a dangerous, new enemy! And BeyRaiderz rip it!
It must be Motorcycle Monday because Robin is joining the fight against the H.I.V.E. Help Robin and Beast Boy go head-to-head against See-More and Billy Numerous in H.I.V.E. 5. Titans, GO! Play Now

Ninja GO! The Overlord has returned with an evil robot army. The Ninja and their new Techno Blades are the only things that can stop him. Don’t miss the all-new Ninjago special event Wednesday, January 29, at 7/6c.
Rev it up… Let it rip! Old friends and new heroes collide in the new series BeyWarriors: BeyRaiderz Saturdays at 8a/7c!

******PLAY! The best from Adventure Time Game Creator this week!




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LEGO: What do you think Ninjago 2014 will be about?
Teen Titans GO!: Who can draw all the characters???
Adventure Time: Which Adventure Time character is just like you?

******WATCH! New Episodes This Week
Monday: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Annoying Orange
Tuesday: Johnny Test, Uncle Grandpa
Wednesday: Ninjago, Teen Titans Go!, DreamWorks’ Dragons: Defenders of Berk
Saturday: Tenkai Knights, BeyRaiderz, Pokemon XY

And that’s WHAT’S UP!

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