Cartoon Network at the Sochi Games

Team CN may not have made it to Sochi this year, but our characters are ready to test their mettle! Find out which events your favorite Cartoon Network characters would have competed in during the winter games.

Pops – Figure Skating
RS_Pops_Dizzy Pops knows a thing or two about putting on a jolly good show. With form like that, Pops is a safe bet for gold!

Finn & Jake – Luge
AT_FinnJake_Luge Finn and Jake have spent so much time in the Ice Kingdom, they’re practically ice experts. Now they just have to figure out who’s the sled and who’s the driver.

Zorch – Speed Skating
Mixels_Zorch_speedskate1 Zorch has the blazing speed to take on the fastest skaters in the world. There’s only one tiny problem: Every time he steps onto the ice, he melts the entire rink.

Giant Realistic Flying Tiger – Ski Jumping
UG_GRFT_skijumping It’s about time they let tigers compete in the winter games! Let’s just hope her rainbow propulsion doesn’t get her disqualified.

Pearl – Biathlon
SU_Pearl_biathlonShe has the grace of a dancer and the precision of a sharpshooter. With her magical spear, Pearl never misses. And skis are kinda like swords for your feet, right? She’s got this one in the bag!

Benson – Ice Hockey
RS_Benson_IceHockey Benson’s already a stick hockey champion. How much harder could ice hockey be? Plus, body checking other players would be a great way to get out some of his excess aggression.

Cyborg – Downhill Skiing
TTG_Cyborg_Downhillski (1) Cyborg has been training his whole life for this event. He’s got built-in skis… not to mention rocket boosters. He could probably set a new world record if he didn’t short-circuit in the snow.

Which events do you think Cartoon Network characters would compete in?

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