Cartoon Network at the Oscars™

The actors, the gowns, the red carpet! It can only mean one thing: The Oscars™ are just around the corner. But have you ever wondered what it’d be like if cartoons were eligible for the honors? Here are our picks for the awards.

Best Animated Shorts – Finn
adventuretime_clip_073B_02_1280x720 While we like the hat, backpack, and sword combination, we gotta give it up for those awesome shorts for really tying this ensemble together.

Best Supporting Pizza – Pizza Steve
unclegrandpa_clip_019_02_1280x720 As we all know, Steve is a method actor. To prepare for his role, he draped himself in pepperoni and cheese for days on end. This was particularly impressive because, in real life, he is a vegan.

Best Hair and Makeup – Lumpy Space Princess
adventuretime_lsp_trashbag Look at those luscious lips! There’s no denying that LSP blew the other nominees out of the water with this jaw-dropping look.

Best Director – Garnet
stevenuniverse_garnet_01_1280x720 She’s the fearless leader of the Crystal Gems and she knows how to get things done. Plus, with those sweet shades, who wouldn’t listen to her directorial authority?

Best Actor in a Dramatic Role- Gumball
gumball_oscars Emotional. Troubled. A talking, blue cat. From the moment we met him, we knew he had the makings of a star. The secret to Gumball’s success? His large, sad eyes. *sniff* Oh, great! Now we’re tearing up!

Best Actress in an Emo Role – Raven
ttg_raven Her dark, sarcastic persona inspired more fan clubs than we could possibly count. With that in mind, we’re predicting that eye rolling and long purple cloaks will be the new trend in 2014.

Which character do you think deserves an award?

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