April Fails Day

We love our characters, but there’s no denying that they slip up every once and a while. And when they do, it’s pretty hilarious! From face plants to fiery mishaps, Cartoon Network characters never fail to amuse. Happy April Fails Day!

Mixing FAIL
AprilFailsDay_Blog_Mixels_MurpKrader and Flain aren’t looking so hot. Or maybe they look too hot. They just took mixing to a whole new level… of Murp.


Water FAIL
AprilFailsDay_Blog_StevenUniverse_Raft Steven may not have powers, but he’s prepared for any situation… nevermind.


Wrestling FAIL
AprilFailsDay_Blog_RegularShow_RigbyTrashcanWe love their spunk, just not their aim. That one is going to hurt in the morning. And also right now.


Science FAIL
AprilFailsDay_Blog_BeastBoy_dropsTestTubeBeast Boy and science don’t mix!


Karate FAIL
AprilFailsDay_Blog_Gumball_KaratePavement: 1. Gumball: 0


Party FAIL
AprilFailsDay_Blog_Clarence_BeesThis is one mystery piñata that should have stayed a mystery. We don’t know about candy, but there’s bound to be plenty of honey.

What are some of your favorite fails?

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