7 Refreshing Adventure Time Drinks

Hope you’re thirsty, because it’s National Beverage Day! We’re raising our glasses to celebrate the tastiest drinks from the Land of Ooo. Quench your thirst the Adventure Time way! Bottoms up!

Bug Milk
Whether you’re trying to summon a demon from the Nightosphere or you just want to keep your exoskeleton healthy, bug milk is the way to go.

Honey Energy Drink
Is your life a nonstop party? Do you need a little extra oomph on the dance floor? Pour yourself a tall glass of honey energy drink. It’s guaranteed to give you an extra shot of swagger. Hey, it works for the Party Bears!

Grass Shake
Get your recommended daily does of vitamin Awesome with this totally off the hook party shake! It’s guaranteed to chlorophyll you up!

Stone-Skin Potion
Sure, it’ll cover your bod in a layer of jagged rock armor, but it’s also got a grape-tastic flavor that can’t be beat! Yum.

Sparkling Apple Cider
Whatever you do, don’t shake it! It might explode… but it probably won’t.

River of Forgetfulness
There’s something we were supposed to remember about this water, but we can’t quite think of it. It’s probably fine. Drink up!

Dweeb Cup
A potent mix of soda, coffee grounds, beetle butter, grape jelly, kimchi, and ham chunk juice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dweeb or a cool guy, it’s going to taste just as nasty.

Which drink would you order?

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