8 Ways to Make Mom Proud

Looking for a way to impress your mom this Mother’s Day? You just hit the mother lode. Take some advice from your favorite Cartoon Network characters. They would never steer you wrong.

1. Make Together Breakfast together.
And don’t forget to clean up afterwards.

2. Ask your mom about her interests.
Even if it’s something boring, like coupons.

3. Remember to be patient.
Some say it’s a super power.
4. Dress to impress.
It’s easier than you’d think.


5. Set a good example.
Just ask Rigby. He’s a mom himself.

6. Eat your vegetables.
Chewing and swallowing are pretty important, too.

7. Always wear a helmet.
Safety first!

8. If all else fails, write her a song.
Word to your mother!

What are you planning to do for Mother’s Day?

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