Richard Watterson: Dad of the Year

Cartoon Network is home to a lot of great dads, and a few not so great ones (Finn’s dad, we’re looking at you), but only one proud papa can be crowned Dad of the Year. This year, that man is Richard Watterson! Why are we naming Richard Watterson Dad of the Year? We’re glad you asked!

He stands up for what’s right
And more importantly, he looks good doing it. Seriously, he grew that mustache on command! He’s mantastic!

He got a job that one time
Sure, his pizza delivery job nearly tore apart the very fabric of the universe, but at least he made an effort.

The man can dance
gumball_richard_dancing (1)
His dance moves alone are enough to make Richard Watterson Dad of the Year. That, and the fact that he has kids.

He’s won major awards
gumball_richard_pizzatoface (1)
You don’t earn the title of Laziest person in Elmore without a lot of hard work and dedication. Wait, actually… never mind.

He bought his kids a puppy
gumball_kidsreacttopuppy (1)
OK, so it less of a puppy, and more of a snapping turtle. But that was to teach the kids responsibility… or something.

He has a child-like sense of wonder
gumball_richard_underwearonroof (1)
He also has a child-like sense of dancing around in his underwear. Look at that beautiful, powerful animal go!

Richard Watterson might not be the smartest dad in the world, but he’d do anything for his family. That makes him a pretty good dad in our book. Congrats, Richard Watterson! You’re Dad of the Year!

What’s Richard’s best quality?

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