You’re Famous, Gorgeous Sharon!

Hey Gorgeous Sharon! We see you everywhere, and we can’t help but notice how helpful and cool you always are. That’s why we’re making you FAMOUS! Congratulations! You’re Cartoon Network’s User of the Week.

Gorgeous Sharon is a well-rounded individual. Among other things, she is super active on our blog, loves the Adventure Time forums, and is a dedicated player of Project Exonaut. To top it all off, she’s a huge fan of Raven, as evidenced by her awesome profile picture and her membership in the Raven fan club.  She’s great at playing games, she’s a whiz at quizzes, and she’s quick to give tips or congratulate other users on their accomplishments.  Check out Gorgeous Sharon’s profile


Think fast! Gorgeous Sharon’s game Amazing Flame Princess is all about being on your toes while you’re burning up your foes. Use your fire power to show those bad guys who’s boss.


Gorgeous Sharon dishes out prestigious awards to her favorite Cartoon Network characters (not to mention some cool tunes for your ears) in Top Yearbook Countdown.

Gorgeous Sharon, it’s your turn to be congratulated. You earned it!

Wanna be famous? Post comments in Cool & New, build a game in the Adventure Time Game Creator, or make an outstanding MiXiT. Do something awesome, and you might just be famous next week!

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