Ninjago Returns with New Episodes!

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Ninjago continues with an all-new special event this Wednesday! Things aren’t looking good for the Golden Ninja. With Pythor’s help, the Overlord captured Lloyd! Can the other Ninja stop him before he drains Lloyd’s golden power? Get ready for new Ninjago! Take a look back at what happened in the last two special episodes!Watch the Ninjago special event Wednesday, July 17, at 7/6c! Ninja go!

ninjago_recap_ep29_01The Ninja knocked out the power to New Ninjago City, but the Digital Overlord was saved by a mysterious Stranger.

ninjago_recap_ep29_02Zane gave up half of his heart to save P.I.X.A.L.!

ninjago_recap_ep29_03Sensei Wu was turned evil!

ninjago_recap_ep29_04Cole and Jay fought over Nya.

ninjago_recap_ep30_05The Stranger stole electro cobrai from the aquarium to power his evil machines.

ninjago_recap_ep30_06The Ninja made peace with the Serpentine and learned of the curse of the Golden Master.

ninjago_recap_ep30_07Pythor revealed that he was mysterious stranger all along!

ninjago_recap_ep30_08The Digital Overlord captured the Golden Ninja!

What do you think will happen this time on Ninjago?

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