Total Drama Pahkitew Island: We Have a Winner!

For this season, Chris and Chef took the competition to the brand-new Pahkitew Island, and they broke it in with an all-new collection of contestants. The challenges were dangerous and disgusting. Friendships and romances were made, broken, repaired and trashed. And the drama reached epic levels on the way to an even more epic finale.

The final two contestants were the friendly uber-athlete Sky and the paranoid zombie-obsessed Shawn. Both of them had been strong competitors throughout the season, and the finale got an extra layer of drama when Dave and Jasmine returned to be their helpers. But then Chris added the ultimate twist and turned Jasmine and Dave from helpers to hinderers, working against Sky and Shawn. In the end, there could be only one winner, and Shawn edged out Sky to take the prize.

Congratulations, Shawn, on winning Total Drama Pahkitew Island!


Are you glad Shawn won Total Drama Pahkitew Island?

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