LSP’s Comic-Con® ConQuest

LSP needs help finding a date for the Princess Ball, and she needs Comic-Con attendees help! Cartoon Network fans have the opportunity to journey across the convention floor, visiting all the sweet Adventure Time merch booths, so that they can help match LSP up with her dream date for the Princess Ball. It’s the 2014 Adventure Time ConQuest!

Each ConQuester just needs to follow the secret text-messaged clues, visit the booths with the coolest Adventure Time swag, and have loads of fun! Best of all, each booth has special incentives and rebates for totally mathematical Adventure Time products. When the ConQuest is completed, participants will be presented with their very own exclusive “Oh My Glob!” medallion. It’s lumping awesome!


Uber-ConQuesters who have completed the quest AND earned their Jake and Ice King medallions in 2012 and 2013 should bring all three to The New Children’s Museum redemption center to earn a triple threat reward.

Do you think LSP will find her dream date at Comic-Con®?

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