You’re Famous, Average Anna Banzai!

Hey, Average Anna Banzai! You’re a big Steven Universe fan and imaginative to the max! That’s why we’re making you FAMOUS. Congratulations! You’re Cartoon Network’s User of the Week.


Average Anna Banzai is anything but average. As far as Steven Universe fans, she’s hard to top. You can find her all over the Steven Universe forums, doing everything from pitching new episode ideas to reassuring fellow fans that new episodes of the show will be here before you know it. Average Anna Banzai is a great fan fic writer and she thinks Garnet is a awesome (we totally agree). There’s no question about it: Average Anna Banzai believes in Steven! Check out Average Anna Banzai’s profile.

Flame Queen Epic

Help Bubblegum snag all the gems in Average Anna Banzai’s game Flame Queen Epic. Make sure to watch your step: there’s lava everywhere you look!

Jakes Magic Land

Can’t get enough of Jake the Dog’s antics? Neither can Average Anna Banzai. That’s why she compiled some of the best Jake moments into one, sweet MiXiT. Watch Jake’s Magic Land now!

Wanna be famous? Post comments in Cool & New, build a game in the Adventure Time Game Creator, or make an outstanding MiXiT. Do something awesome, and you might just be famous next week!

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